This had been my first time working with PGS Print, Inc. Previously I had been using a "large" supplier. Let me tell you, the service, personalized care, follow up on customer satisfaction, and overall performance of PGS Print, Inc. leaves some of those "large" organizations in the dust. For the first time out of many, many orders this one came off without a hitch. I have a feeling that as PGS Print, Inc. continues to grow and prosper, this level of customer relations that far exceeds the industry standard will continue to propel them into the elite among its' peer companies. Thank you for your worry free services!

  • Matthew V.
  • Human Resources, SUNY Brockport

Marc DiFrancesco and PGS Print, Inc. did an outstanding job on the customized mouse pads that I ordered. Their customer service is second to none and the quality of their product is fantastic. I will certainly use PGS Print, Inc. for future projects.

  • Anna H.
  • BASC, SUNY Brockport

I have worked with Marc DiFrancesco for many, many years on a diverse scope of projects. The thing I like best is the attention to detail he puts into all of his projects. As a production manager I work with many vendors, and when I'm working with Marc I never have to worry about things going wrong, he is on top of all the details. PGS Print, Inc. has been able to respond quickly to the multiple whims of my clients with their constantly changing minds. Be it price, quality, quantity, turn-around time or what; a solution has always been found and the client has ended up happy. Because of these things, I’m happy to say I will continue doing business with Marc and PGS Print, Inc.

  • Douglas H. Production Manager
  • Partners + Napier

I have worked with Marc DiFrancesco and PGS Print, Inc. on many projects, and I have been extremely satisfied with every aspect. From quick estimates and solutions to project deliverables, reliable customer service and dedication to making deadlines. The products I have received are top quality. I plan on using PGS Print, Inc. again on upcoming projects.

  • Jim C., Production Manager
  • Eric Mower & Associates (Syracuse Office)

We were very pleased with the service that was rendered in processing our first order with PGS Print, Inc. The mugs that we received were of very good quality and came in a very timely fashion.

  • Susan V.
  • CSEA Local 601 SUNY Brockport

Both Marc DiFrancesco and PGS Print, Inc. have been a remarkable resource. They've offered not only outstanding prices and service, but alternate ideas when my clients were stuck on a particular "widget". Thanks again Marc. I know we'll be working together again soon!

  • Ray H., Partner
  • Agility Advertising

The service we received from PGS Print, Inc. was super and the products and designs looked great! We highly recommend them for all your advertising specialty needs.

  • Lily F.
  • SSSP, SUNY Brockport

I have worked with Marc DiFrancesco since shortly after opening RTM & Associates, Inc in 1988, and with PGS Print, Inc. since its inception in September, 2002. He has provided unwavering customer service and can ALWAYS be counted on to see a job through. Service, pricing and attention to detail sets Marc and PGS Print, Inc. apart from all the rest. Thanks, Marc!

  • Bob M.
  • RTM & Associates, Inc

I have been working with PGS Print, Inc. for several years now and find that they are a great one-stop-shop for all of my printing needs, no matter how big or small. Working with Marc DiFrancesco has been a pleasure. He is able to anticipate my needs and recognizes the importance of business relationships. PGS Print, Inc. has been the leader in price, service and quality and I will enjoy working with them in the future.

  • Michele G., Marketing Communications Mgr.
  • Pulsafeeder, Inc.

As the Special Project Director for an organization which serves all of Upstate New York, event planning can, at times, be challenging. It was merely by chance that I met Marc DiFrancesco (PGS Print, Inc.) just as I was tearing my hair out trying to find something new and innovative, yet useful, for table favors at our last event. Marc not only did all the research and put an entire package together for me, but also knocked my socks off with an incredible price! The service didn't stop there; Marc personally drove the product to Buffalo, helped me to set up for the event and even quickly tossed on a suit to answer any questions about the favors from guests at the event so I had one less thing to worry about. Thanks for all your help!

  • Ellen T., Special Projects Director
  • Better Business Bureau

We have worked very closely with Marc DiFrancesco and PGS Print, Inc. on many projects. No matter the size of the project (large or small) or how challenging, Marc is attentive to detail and provides excellent solutions that meet our needs - to deadline and within our budget. We see him as a partner rather than a vendor.

  • Kevin H., Marketing Manager
  • The Summit Federal Credit Union

There is no such thing as NO with PGS Print, Inc. Any request I have asked of this company comes back with a resounding... YES, WE CAN!. Combine that with exceptional pricing and outstanding service... you cannot go wrong with PGS Print, Inc.

  • Jim G., District Marketing Manager
  • United Rentals

Marc DiFrancesco and PGS Print, Inc. have consistently exceeded expectations in terms of product quality, customer service, and just plain being "great to work with". I always get positive comments on the quality of the brochures and other printed materials done by PGS Print, Inc. in conjunction with RTM Advertising. There's no better endorsement than excited customers!

  • Karl W., Business Manager (Pro / MI / IS)
  • Sennheiser Electronic Corporation

I have been in the printing and advertising business for approximately 20 years and I have never experienced anything close to what PGS Print, Inc. has brought to the table for our agency. Impeccable service, quality and turn around. Marc DiFrancesco and PGS Print, Inc. has been a true partner and always available to help when needed. Their knowledge of the industry is unparalleled. My hats off to PGS Print, Inc. and their staff and I look forward to building upon our relationship. Great job!

  • Paul R.
  • Print / DM Specialist, Dixon Schwabl Advertising